Optenni at EUCAP 2024

Optenni is happy to announce that there are several opportunities to meet us during the EUCAP 2024 conference on 17-22 March 2024 in Glasgow, Scotland.

First of all, Optenni is a silver sponsor of the conference and has an exhibition booth where you can meet our experts and see the latest features of our Optenni Lab circuit synthesis software for antenna and RF design automation. The exhibition is open from 12:30 on Monday 18 March until 16:30 on Thursday 21 March.

On Tuesday 19 March at 8:30-10:10 in Room M3 we will present an industrial workshop IW1 entitled “Design of tunable antennas”. This workshop is free for all the conference participants and requires no registration.

We will present a scientific paper “The Role of Ground Currents in the Co-Simulation of Matching Components and Layout Models in Matching Circuit Optimization” on Thursday 21 March at 9:10. The presentation is part of session A03a “Antenna analysis and design for sub-6GHz” and will take place in room Alsh 1.

Finally, on Friday 22 March between 14:30 and 17:30 we will give a short course SC03 entitled “Advanced impedance matching and impedance analysis for antenna applications”. A separate registration is needed for this course through the conference registration procedure.

Looking forward to seeing you in Glasgow in March!

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