Schematic Entry

Optenni Lab has a unique schematic entry environment which includes built-in circuit synthesis capabilities and understands antenna quantities through a special antenna object.

The schematic entry environment allows the unconstrained placement and wiring of circuit components. Compared to standard circuit simulators, Optenni Lab has the following special properties:

  • Optenni Lab has built in circuit synthesis capabilities, where the user can place the synthesis blocks anywhere in the circuit diagram. Optenni Lab generates multiple optimized circuits based on the synthesis settings.
  • Optenni Lab calculates and optimizes not only the impedance characteristics or RF circuits, but also radiation and efficiency characteristics of complex antenna systems.
  • Optenni Lab supports circuits having tunable components (e.g. switches) which will have a different state for different frequency or impedance configurations.

The schematic entry environment is used e.g. in the following design challenges:

  • Design of antenna diplexing circuits where e.g. a two-antenna systems is fed from a single amplifier
  • Taking complex circuit layouts and antenna radiation properties into account at the same time
  • Design of decoupling circuits between antenna elements
  • Design of hybrid beamforming networks where some antenna elements are connected using analog phase shifters and these blocks are connected using digital beamforming techniques
  • Design of RF circuits using switches and carrier aggregation configurations

The images below show the synthesis setup of a tunable circuit and one optimized circuit generated by the synthesis setup.


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