Optenni Lab increases the productivity of antenna and RF designers by quickly and accurately synthesizing matching circuits using realistic layout models and vendor library component models for capacitors and inductors.

Most robust design with respect to varying user environments/mounting/chassis of the antenna can automatically be synthesized.

Optenni Lab optimizes wireless performance of various devices and provides a detailed power loss breakdown.

Optenni Lab pinpoints automatically components that are not conforming with the voltage or current ratings.

It is easy to start working with Optenni Lab, and by using the various assessment tools the antenna designers can quickly evaluate, compare and rank new antenna designs.

Optenni Lab is the only tool in the market that combines antenna array beamforming and matching circuit synthesis algorithms.

Optenni is linked with the major vendors of electromagnetic simulators, discrete RF components and antenna measurement hardware, providing a platform that smoothly combines simulations and measurements, thus enabling optimal product development.

Optenni Lab is continuously developed based on present and future customer needs.

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