Optenni Lab design challenges

Optenni Lab features automatic matching circuit synthesis and optimization, antenna array beamforming with active impedance control, and many supplementary assessment tools. Optenni Lab is often used in conjunction with EM simulators, and several links are provided with major EM tools on the market.

The following are typical design challenges where Optenni Lab is used:


Optenni Lab synthesizes and optimizes broadband and multiband matching circuits which maximize the total efficiency of antenna systems. Optenni Lab takes into account several impedance environments, antenna radiation efficiency, component losses and tolerances. The effects of component layout can also be accurately modeled.

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Optenni Lab optimizes the total efficiency of multiport antenna systems by simultaneous synthesis and optimization of the matching circuits at all antenna ports. The coupling and isolation between the antenna elements are taken into account as well as the dependence of radiation efficiency on the port termination. Our multiport capabilities support an arbitrary number of antenna ports.

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Optenni Lab is widely applied in the optimization of tunable antennas, which typically are either frequency tunable antennas using aperture tuners or use closed loop tuners which adapt to various user environments. Optenni Lab supports switches, variable capacitor banks and more complex tuner chips as the tunable elements. Optenni Lab can calculate the exact radiation efficiency and radiation patterns of the antenna system as a function of the aperture components.

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Optenni Lab provides extensive analysis and optimization of antenna arrays, including matching circuit synthesis for optimal total system efficiency, accurate beam scanning range assessment, interactive tuning of canonical beam steering solutions , and beam synthesis with main lobe, side lobe, null and active impedance targets.

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In the design of the RF chain, Optenni Lab can speed up the matching of low noise amplifiers and power amplifiers. Optenni Lab is especially useful in the optimization of carrier aggregation scenarios, where multiple RF branches are active at the same time and in the co-design of the RF chain and a realistic antennas.

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