One of the key benefits of Optenni Lab is the intuitive but versatile setup of various optimization goals related to antenna efficiency and power transfer. Optenni Lab uses state-of-the-art optimization methods which are tailored to circuit design problems.

Optenni Lab offers for example the following optimization goals:

  • Maximization of antenna efficiency over given frequency bands
  • Minimization of antenna radiation for given stop bands
  • Maximization of power transfer between external ports in general RF circuits
  • Minimization of power transfer between external ports for given stop bands
  • Control for the impedances as seen at the external ports

For each of the gloals, Optenni Lab offers a number of controls to fine tune the circuit performance. For example, the user can control the balance between maximizing the minimal performance over the frequency band versus maximizing the average performance over the band.

Optenni Lab’s optimizer can find the optimal values of continuously variable ideal components and the optimal discrete value of components from a selected library component series, or even both types at the same time.

In addition to the above goals, Optenni Lab can also optimize the beamforming properties of an antenna array and in general the radiation properties in multiantenna systems, using simultaneous excitation of the antenna elements.

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