Component library

Optenni Lab includes an easy-to-use component library of commonly used inductors and capacitors that supports automatic matching circuit generation and sensitivity analysis.

Currently more than 100 component series from 6 major manufacturers (AVX, Coilcraft, Johanson, Murata, Taiyo Yuden and TDK) are included in the library.



Setting up the library is easy: you can download and install your favorite component series directly from Optenni Lab GUI, after which the component series can be selected for automatic synthesis or manual topology optimization. In the optimization, Optenni Lab takes into account losses and parasitic effects of the components, and selects the best performing combination of the available discrete component values.

The component libraries also contains tolerance data so that you can carry out statistical analysis of the circuit performance due to the component tolerances, and also rank the topologies according to the performance sensitivity.

Optenni Lab’s component library contains the maximum allowed current and voltage ratings for each component. When the input power is given, Optenni Lab can calculate the currents and voltages over each component and highlight those components which are exceeding the limits.

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