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Optenni Lab 5.2 released

We are excited to announce the release of Optenni Lab version 5.2! The new release is available for all customers under maintenance by downloading the software from Optenni downloads.

Version 5.2 of Optenni Lab contains again a large number of improvements, including the following:

  • Measured s1p can be used as Impedance target
  • Negative component values are supported – this is great especially in de-embedding and model fitting
  • Ideal open and short are included in synthesis using component libraries
  • S, Y and Z parameter optimization is supported
  • Discrete tuner optimization is a lot faster
  • Project notes can now be added in the Optenni Lab project files
  • General project info and log of main user actions are automatically added to Optenni Lab project files
  • General format datafiles are supported in user plots
  • Total scan patterns of different arrays can be combined
  • Many usability and algorithm improvements

With the improvements introduced in version 5.2, Optenni Lab is even more usable in industrial antenna design and optimization tasks!

Please be in contact with our sales team at if you would like to evaluate Optenni Lab 5.2 and its various features.