Two-way link with CST STUDIO SUITE®

Launching Optenni Lab from CST STUDIO SUITE

Customers who have both CST STUDIO SUITE® and Optenni Lab licenses can easily construct matching circuits in Optenni Lab using the impedance and radiation pattern data calculated in CST STUDIO SUITE and return the optimized matching circuits back to CST DESIGN STUDIO™. In short, the procedure is as follows:

  • In CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® use the command “Home->Macros->Matching Circuits->Launch Optenni Lab” to launch Optenni Lab using the simulated impedance and radiation pattern data.
  • Synthesize the circuits in Optenni Lab, and right click any of the generated circuits and select “Transfer circuit to CST DESIGN STUDIO” whereafter the circuit is constructed on the CST DESIGN STUDIO schematic, connected to external ports and simulated.
Post-processing templates for parameter sweeps and optimization in CST MICROWAVE STUDIO

In addition, CST MICROWAVE STUDIO’s template based post-processing tools can be used to automatically apply Optenni Lab within a parameter sweep or an optimization task in CST MICROWAVE STUDIO. Thus, a combined electromagnetic and circuit optimization task can easily be defined, where the typical goal is to design an antenna or antenna system such that the total efficiency is maximized, using a realistic matching circuit with available off-the-shelf discrete component models.

Video presentation of the link: