Accelerate your design flow

Accelerating the RF circuit design flow is at the heart of Optenni Lab. Instead of placing and wiring matching components manually, you can leverage the powerful circuit synthesis capabilities of Optenni Lab.

Optenni Lab speeds up and automates your impedance matching tasks. After reading in your impedance and radiation data, just specify the desired operation bands and component types, and within seconds Optenni Lab can provide multiple optimized matching circuit topologies. Optenni Lab can optimize broadband and multiband matching circuits also for tightly coupled antenna systems.

The real power of Optenni Lab’s synthesis and optimization algorithms is revealed when tunable and switchable matching circuits are optimized. With Optenni Lab, frequency bands can be grouped into frequency configurations, where each configuration contains the frequency bands which need to be covered by a single switch or tuner state. At the same time, the input port of the system can have a common matching circuit that is to be identical to all states of the system. The optimization of such circuits is a complex task as the total performance depends on the circuit topology, component values and switch and tuner states.

A key part of the acceleration of the design flow is the capability of Optenni Lab to link with leading electromagnetic simulators and measurement equipment. Together with the EM tool vendors we have developed automated links so that simulated S parameters and radiation patterns can be sent from the EM tool to Optenni Lab with a few clicks of the mouse. And in some cases we can send the circuit back to the circuit simulators embedded in the EM tools for further co-simulation.

We also provide links to leading network analyzer models so that you can quickly get the measured data into Optenni Lab and synthesize matching circuits in real time based on the measurements.

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