Antenna efficiency optimization

The most popular application of Optenni Lab Is to Increase the total efficiency of antennas by the use of matching circuits. At a single frequency, matching circuit design by Ideal components Is very simple, you can find design formulas for this case in any RF textbook. But the real challenge Is to design broadband and multiband matching circuits which maximize the total efficiency of the antenna system, and this Is where Optenni Lab really excels.

Somewhat paradoxically, the goal of matching circuit design Is not to get the best possible Impedance match but to maximize the power transfer between the amplifier and the antenna. A good Impedance match can be obtained with resistive losses, but this comes at the expense of reduced antenna efficiency.

Optenni Lab synthesizes and optimizes matching circuits which maximize the total efficiency and thus takes into account the following loss mechanisms:

  • Mismatch loss
  • Component losses in the matching circuit
  • Finite radiation efficiency of the antenna
  • Coupling to the other ports in multiantenna systems

In traditional matching circuit design the designer must first decide the matching circuit topology based on his experience and theoretical considerations, then draw and connect the components using an RF simulation and then define the optimization goals. Then the designer may notice that the topology was not suitable from the particular and he must then start again with another topology. This iteration is time consuming as the number of possible topologies is large in complex design cases.

Optenni Lab speeds up the design task dramatically as Optenni Lab’s innovative synthesis methods can generate and optimize multiple topologies in a short time. The matching circuits can be synthesized using either discrete inductors and capacitors or microstrip segments.

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