Maximize wireless performance

In impedance matching, the design goal is not to get the best possible impedance match (which can be obtained with sufficiently lossy components), but to transfer maximum amount of power from the antenna or to a load. Optenni Lab’s optimization setup guides you to the maximization of efficiency or maximization of transferred power.

In RF circuit optimization Optenni Lab considers all the loss mechanisms in the circuit: impedance mismatch, component losses, coupling to other ports and finite radiation efficiency. Optenni Lab has a wide range of optimization targets for different purposes: passband and stopband efficiency targets, targets to improve the isolation or to move the impedance to a desired location.

For antenna arrays, Optenni Lab is also able to optimize the beamforming coefficients in conjunction with circuit values. Optenni Lab takes the radiation patterns of each individual element and the coupling between the elements fully into account based on your original simulated or measured data. It is easy to steer the beam to a given direction, control the side lobe levels, nulls and the active reflection coefficient of the array.

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