Optenni at EUCAP 2024

Optenni at EUCAP 2024

Optenni is happy to announce that there are several opportunities to meet us during the EUCAP 2024 conference on 17-22 March 2024 in Glasgow, Scotland.

First of all, Optenni is a silver sponsor of the conference and has an exhibition booth where you can meet our experts and see the latest features of our Optenni Lab circuit synthesis software for antenna and RF design automation. The exhibition is open from 12:30 on Monday 18 March until 16:30 on Thursday 21 March.

On Tuesday 19 March at 8:30-10:10 in Room M3 we will present an industrial workshop IW1 entitled “Design of tunable antennas”. This workshop is free for all the conference participants and requires no registration.

We will present a scientific paper “The Role of Ground Currents in the Co-Simulation of Matching Components and Layout Models in Matching Circuit Optimization” on Thursday 21 March at 9:10. The presentation is part of session A03a “Antenna analysis and design for sub-6GHz” and will take place in room Alsh 1.

Finally, on Friday 22 March between 14:30 and 17:30 we will give a short course SC03 entitled “Advanced impedance matching and impedance analysis for antenna applications”. A separate registration is needed for this course through the conference registration procedure.

Looking forward to seeing you in Glasgow in March!

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Optenni History

Optenni History

Optenni celebrates 15 years of innovation in antenna and RF design automation. Please check the development steps of Optenni Lab below.
  •  – Optenni history: Founded in 2009

    • Founded in 2009 by Jussi Rahola, who was previously working at Nokia Research Center
    • March 2010: Optenni Lab 1.0 released: single-port matching synthesis, bandwidth potential, electromagnetic isolation, user plots

  •  – Optenni history: 2011-2012

    • May 2011 (version 1.3): two-way link with CST STUDIO SUITE
    • December 2011 (version 1.4): component library for inductors and capacitors, tolerance analysis
    • August 2012: link to NI/AWR Microwave Office

    71 inductor and 31 capacitor series

  •  – Optenni history: 2013-2015

    • April 2013 (version 2.0): simultaneous multiport matching, microstrip lines, multicore optimization
    • October 2013 (version 2.1): link with FEKO
    • July 2014 (version 3.0): link to network analyzers, optimization of tunable matching circuits, automatic optimization inside CST parameter sweeps
    • April 2015 (version 3.1): two-way link with ANSYS Electronics Desktop
    • October 2015 (version 3.2): user-defined frequency bands

  •  – Optenni history: 2016-2017

    • May 2016 (version 3.3): support for SPNT switch models, frequency resampling, user Smith charts
    • May 2017 (version 4.0): synthesis of microstrip networks, synthesis block, generic reactances, currents, voltages, component losses, impedance configurations

  •  – Optenni history: 2018

    • May 2018 (version 4.2): optimization over multiple component series, layout block, using 0-n components, sort by tolerance sensitivity, custom component libraries, user-defined resonators

  •  – Optenni history: 2019

    • February 2019 (version 4.3): radiation pattern plotting, simultaneous multiport excitation, active reflection coefficient, power balance plots, plot selection window

  •  – Optenni history: 2020

    • June 2020: Optenni Lab 5.0
      • Array module
        • Beam optimization
        • Interactively tunable canonical solutions
        • Total scan pattern calculation
      • New radiation pattern plots
      • Subcircuit components
      • Parasitic models for generic inductors and capacitors

  •  – Optenni history: 2021

    • June 2021: Optenni Lab 5.1
      • Optenni Lab Job Control Center
      • Transmission line calculator
      • Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) optimization and visualization
      • Improved control for 3D plots: transparency, array feed locations
      • Plotting S, Y and Z parameters

  •  – Optenni History: 2022

    • April 2022: Optenni Lab 5.2
      • Zero and infinity values for library components
      • New optimization targets for general S, Y and Z parameters
      • Custom data from a file can be added to user plots
      • User-editable project notes
      • Total scan patterns of different arrays can be combined

  •  – Optenni history: 2023

    • September 2023: Optenni Lab 6.0
      • Schematic Entry: Unconstrained placement and wiring of components
      • Flexible setup of analysis frequencies
      • Additional plots and assessments taking the circuits into account
      • New menu structure


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Welcome to the What’s New in Optenni Lab Version 6.0 Webinar

Welcome to the What’s New in Optenni Lab Version 6.0 Webinar

We are pleased to invite you to our webinar on the new features of Optenni Lab version 6.0, our biggest release yet. The webinar is hosted by Optenni Ltd. Sales Director Dr. Olli Pekonen.

Version 6.0 of Optenni Lab contains the following major improvements:

A new schematic entry environment, with unconstrained topology input, but still having access to the built-in synthesis and optimization tools

Separate definitions of optimization and plotting frequencies, enabling full control of optimization speed, accuracy and output graph resolution

A new menu structure

More flexible possibilities for antenna pre-assessments

Many additional plot types for processing synthesis results

The webinar is held over the Zoom system and comprises approximately 30 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes of Q&A session.

To cater for our global customers in different time zones, two separate sessions are arranged:

  • First session best suited for America, on Thursday October 19th, 2023 at 12:00 – 12:45 EST, 9:00 – 9:45 PST
  • Second session best suited for Europe and Asia, on Friday October 20th, 2023 at 10:00 – 10:45 CET, 16:00 – 16:45 SGT

Please, click a button below to register to these exciting events at the time that suits you best.

Welcome and thank you!


Thursday October 19th, 2023 at 12:00 – 12:45 EST, 9:00 – 9:45 PST


Friday October 20th, 2023 at 10:00 – 10:45 CET, 16:00 – 16:45 SGT

Optenni Lab’s schematic entry functionality includes special components for circuit synthesis and for the inclusion of antenna-related quantities, such as antenna impedances, efficiencies and radiation patterns.

Optenni Lab version 6.0 is released now

News And Events

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Meet Optenni at the IMS 2023 exhibition

News And Events

Meet Optenni at the IMS 2023 exhibition

Optenni Ltd is exhibiting at the International Microwave Symposium in San Diego, USA 13-15 June 2023. You are warmly welcome to meet us at booth #1509.

It will be our pleasure to discuss hot topics of the RF and microwave antenna design business with you in San Diego. We will be happy to tell you the latest news concerning Optenni Ltd and our flagship product, Optenni Lab. Optenni Lab is a leading circuit synthesis software for RF and antenna optimization. With the visionary tools and features of Optenni Lab RF and antenna designers can easily explore theoretical limits, accelerate the design flow and maximize the wireless performance of the end product.

Come and check more with us in sunny and warm San Diego! We proudly will give you a preview of our forthcoming Optenni Lab version 6.0 also. It will be our biggest update yet!

Optenni Lab Version 6.0 will be a major software release that empowers the user to address many new applications:

  • Antenna duplexing
  • RF front-end applications, including multi-path branching
  • Antenna systems involving baluns
  • Parasitic effects of switch layouts

A new environment for schematic entry is provided, allowing unconstrained description of the circuit, with full access to Optenni Lab’s unique features including circuit synthesis, antenna efficiency optimization, and beamforming optimization.

Do not miss the Microapps presentation of Dr. Jussi Rahola, founder and CEO of Optenni Ltd: “Comparison of Analytical Solutions and Numerical Optimization in Beamforming” at 12:15-12:30 on Tuesday 13 June at the exhibition area.

For more information of the exhibition, please check:

You are warmly welcome to visit us!